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Games - Test Report

This is the current test report for this game, we continue to test our games on new handsets whenever we have the opportunity, and this page always has the most upto date information on compatibility. Please note that the list of possible compatible devices is based on the existing device specifications as listed on the site, these specifications may well be incorrect, and therefore the compatible device list is for information only, and may not be completely accurate.

The testing details includes details of when the test information was entered into the database.

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Simple Pong
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Nokia Series 30 Java
Added to site: Nov 1, 2003

Tested On
This version has been tested successfully on the following devices:

DeviceFirmwareTesting Date
Nokia 3100Unknown Oct 14, 2003
Nokia 3300V4.05 04-06-03 NEM-1Oct 14, 2003
Nokia 3510iV04.01 13-02-03 RH-9Nov 5, 2003
Nokia 5100Unknown Oct 14, 2003
Nokia 6100Unknown Oct 14, 2003
Nokia 6610Unknown Oct 14, 2003
Nokia 6800Unknown Oct 14, 2003
Nokia 7210Unknown Oct 14, 2003
Nokia 7250Unknown Oct 14, 2003
Nokia 7250iUnknown Oct 14, 2003
Nokia 8910iUnknown Oct 14, 2003
Nokia N-GageV4.03 26-11-2003 NEM-4Apr 24, 2004

This version works, but has various problems on the following devices:

DeviceFirmwareTesting Date
Nokia 3410Unknown Oct 14, 2003
Nokia 6310iUnknown Oct 14, 2003

This version does NOT work on:

DeviceFirmwareTesting Date
Nokia 3510Unknown Oct 14, 2003

Compatible With
This game should be compatible with the following devices:

Generic Java MIDP 1.0
Added to site: Nov 15, 2003

Tested On
This version has been tested successfully on the following devices:

DeviceFirmwareTesting Date
Nokia N-GageV4.03 26-11-2003 NEM-4Apr 24, 2004
Sagem myV-55Unknown Jan 27, 2005
Sagem myV-65Unknown Nov 17, 2003
Sagem myX5-2KE3,MDFeb 9, 2005
Sony Ericsson P800Unknown Nov 5, 2003
Sony Ericsson T610R1A081Nov 15, 2003
Sony Ericsson Z600Unknown Nov 15, 2003

This version works, but has various problems on the following devices:

DeviceFirmwareTesting Date
Nokia 3510iV04.01 13-02-03 RH-9Nov 5, 2003

Compatible With
This game should be compatible with the following devices:

Alcatel One Touch 556, Alcatel One Touch 557, Alcatel One Touch 565, Alcatel One Touch 735i, Alcatel One Touch 756, Benq A500, Benq P50, Benq S660C, Benq S700, Benq S830C, i-mate JAM, i-mate PDA2k, i-mate SP3, LG 100, LG 535, LG 5350, LG 5550, LG 6190, LG A7110, LG C1100, LG C1200, LG C1300, LG C1500, LG C2000, LG CU320, LG F9100, LG G4015, LG G4020, LG G5400, LG L1150, LG L1200, LG MM-535, LG PM-225, LG PM-325, LG U8110, LG U8120, LG U8130, LG U8138, LG U8150, LG U8360, LG U8380, LG VI-125, LG VI-5225, Mitsubishi M350, Mitsubishi M750, Mitsubishi M900, Motorola A1000, Motorola A630, Motorola A760, Motorola A768, Motorola A780, Motorola A830, Motorola A835, Motorola A845, Motorola A920, Motorola A925, Motorola C380, Motorola C650, Motorola C651, Motorola C975, Motorola E1000, Motorola E398, Motorola E550, Motorola E680, Motorola E680i, Motorola i398, Motorola i605, Motorola i730, Motorola i830, Motorola i860, Motorola i95cl, Motorola MPx220, Motorola RAZR V3, Motorola ROKR E1, Motorola Siliqua V3.5, Motorola T720, Motorola T720i, Motorola T722i, Motorola T725, Motorola V1050, Motorola V180, Motorola V188, Motorola V220, Motorola V300, Motorola V330, Motorola V398, Motorola V400, Motorola V500, Motorola V505, Motorola V525, Motorola V535, Motorola V547, Motorola V550, Motorola V551, Motorola V552, Motorola V600, Motorola V620, Motorola V635, Motorola V690, Motorola V730, Motorola V80, Motorola V878, Motorola V975, Motorola V980, NEC c313, NEC c616, NEC e228, NEC e313, NEC e606, NEC e616, NEC N110, NEC N720, NEC N728, Nokia 2650, Nokia 3105, Nokia 3108, Nokia 3120, Nokia 3120b, Nokia 3125, Nokia 3152, Nokia 3155, Nokia 3155i, Nokia 3200, Nokia 3205, Nokia 3220, Nokia 3230, Nokia 3300 Americas, Nokia 3600, Nokia 3620, Nokia 3650, Nokia 3660, Nokia 5140, Nokia 6020, Nokia 6021, Nokia 6030, Nokia 6101, Nokia 6102, Nokia 6108, Nokia 6152, Nokia 6155, Nokia 6155i, Nokia 6170, Nokia 6200, Nokia 6220, Nokia 6225, Nokia 6230, Nokia 6230i, Nokia 6235, Nokia 6235i, Nokia 6255, Nokia 6260, Nokia 6560, Nokia 6585, Nokia 6600, Nokia 6610i, Nokia 6620, Nokia 6630, Nokia 6650, Nokia 6651, Nokia 6670, Nokia 6680, Nokia 6681, Nokia 6682, Nokia 6810, Nokia 6820, Nokia 6822, Nokia 7200, Nokia 7260, Nokia 7270, Nokia 7600, Nokia 7610, Nokia 7650, Nokia 7700, Nokia 7710, Nokia 8800, Nokia 8801, Nokia 9210, Nokia 9210c, Nokia 9210i, Nokia 9290, Nokia 9300, Nokia 9500, Nokia N-Gage QD, Nokia N70, Nokia N90, Nokia N91, Orange SPV, Orange SPV C550, Orange SPV C600, Orange SPV M2000, Orange SPV M3000, Orange SPV M500, Panasonic A500, Panasonic SA6, Panasonic VS3, Panasonic X200, Panasonic X400, Panasonic X60, Panasonic X700, Pantech GI100, Pantech PG-3000, Philips 755, Philips 855, Philips 968, Philips Fizio 530, Philips Xenium 650 9@9c, QTek 7070, Qtek 8010, Qtek 8020, Qtek 9090, QTek S100, Sagem myC5-2, Sagem myX-4, Sagem myX-7, Samsung A500, Samsung A620, Samsung C100, Samsung D500, Samsung E700, Samsung MM-A700, Samsung N400, Samsung P400, Samsung P510, Samsung PM-A740, Samsung RL-A760, Samsung S100, Samsung S300, Samsung S307, Samsung SCH-A600, Samsung SCH-A670, Samsung SGH-C100, Samsung SGH-C110, Samsung SGH-C200, Samsung SGH-D307, Samsung SGH-D418, Samsung SGH-D600, Samsung SGH-E108, Samsung SGH-E316, Samsung SGH-E330, Samsung SGH-E338, Samsung SGH-E600, Samsung SGH-E610, Samsung SGH-E618, Samsung SGH-E630, Samsung SGH-E638, Samsung SGH-E708, Samsung SGH-E710, Samsung SGH-E720, Samsung SGH-E800, Samsung SGH-E808, Samsung SGH-E810, Samsung SGH-P207, Samsung SGH-P400, Samsung SGH-P518, Samsung SGH-P730, Samsung SGH-P777, Samsung SGH-S208, Samsung SGH-X100, Samsung SGH-X108, Samsung SGH-X427, Samsung SGH-X450, Samsung SGH-X460, Samsung SGH-X600, Samsung SGH-X608, Samsung SGH-X610, Samsung SGH-Z105, Samsung SGH-Z107, Samsung SGH-Z300, Samsung SGH-Z500, Samsung SPH-A500, Samsung SPH-A600, Samsung SPH-A620, Samsung SPH-A660, Samsung SPH-A680, Samsung SPH-A700, Samsung SPH-A740, Samsung SPH-A800, Samsung SPH-A840, Samsung SPH-A880, Samsung SPH-A920, Samsung SPH-i330, Samsung SPH-N400, Samsung VGA1000, Samsung VI660, Samsung VM-A680, Samsung X100, Samsung X108, Samsung X120, Samsung X427, Samsung X450, Samsung X460, Samsung X600, Samsung X608, Samsung X610, Sanyo MM-5600, Sanyo MM-7400, Sanyo MM-7500, Sanyo MM-8300, Sanyo PM-8200, Sanyo RL-4920, Sanyo RL-4930, Sanyo RL2000, Sanyo RL2500, Sanyo RL7300, Sanyo SCP-4900, Sanyo SCP-5300, Sanyo SCP-5400, Sanyo SCP-7200, Sanyo SCP-7300, Sanyo SCP-8100, Sanyo VI-2300, Sanyo VM4500, Sendo X, Sharp 802, Sharp 902, Sharp GX-T25, Sharp GX-T300, Sharp GX10, Sharp GX10i, Sharp GX20, Sharp GX22, Sharp GX25, Sharp GX27, Sharp GX30, Sharp GX30i, Sharp GX32, Sharp GZ100, Sharp SX813, Sharp TM-100, Sharp TM-200, Sharp V902sh, Siemens A65, Siemens C60, Siemens C65, Siemens C65i, Siemens C70, Siemens CF62, Siemens CFX65, Siemens CV65, Siemens CX65, Siemens CX65i, Siemens CX70, Siemens CX75, Siemens M55, Siemens M56, Siemens M65, Siemens M75, Siemens MC60, Siemens S55, Siemens S55i, Siemens S56, Siemens S57, Siemens S65, Siemens SF65, Siemens SK65, Siemens SL55, Siemens SL56, Siemens SL65, Siemens ST60, Siemens U10, Siemens U15, Sony CLIE PEG-T615C, Sony CLIE PEG-TH55, Sony CLIE PEG-TJ35, Sony CLIE PEG-TJ37, Sony CLIE PEG-UX50, Sony Ericsson F500i, Sony Ericsson K300c, Sony Ericsson K300i, Sony Ericsson K500c, Sony Ericsson K500i, Sony Ericsson K506c, Sony Ericsson K508c, Sony Ericsson K508i, Sony Ericsson K600i, Sony Ericsson K700, Sony Ericsson K700c, Sony Ericsson K700i, Sony Ericsson K750c, Sony Ericsson K750i, Sony Ericsson P802, Sony Ericsson P900, Sony Ericsson P908, Sony Ericsson P910a, Sony Ericsson P910c, Sony Ericsson P910i, Sony Ericsson S700, Sony Ericsson S700c, Sony Ericsson S700i, Sony Ericsson S710a, Sony Ericsson T310, Sony Ericsson T616, Sony Ericsson T618, Sony Ericsson T630, Sony Ericsson V800, Sony Ericsson W800, Sony Ericsson W800i, Sony Ericsson Z500, Sony Ericsson Z500a, Sony Ericsson Z520i, Sony Ericsson Z800, T-Mobile MDA Compact, T-Mobile MDA II, Toshiba e800, Toshiba VM4050

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