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Uploading Your High Scores

In order to upload your high scores from your phone to our website you will need to follow the following steps:

  1. Enable internet access for the game.
  2. Enter your details into the game.
  3. Activate the upload option within the game.
  4. View your scores online.

1. Enable internet access for the game

This varies on each manufacturers phone, but each java application on your phone needs to be 'allowed' to access the internet.

To enable internet access on Nokia mobile phones.

  • Go to the Applications menu.
  • Select the game that you wish to activate.
  • Select the Web Access option.
  • Choose the Allowed option.

2. Enter your details into the game

Within the game, choose the menu option, you will then see the standard settings screen, from here you can enter and view your login details, along with uploading your scores.

Choosing the Change option allows you to enter or change your current settings. You need to enter the details from your profile into the game. The first setting is User, enter your user number by pressing the number keys on your phone, if you make a mistake you can use the '#' to delete the last number entered. Once you've entered your user number, press the '*' key.

Next you need to enter your pass number, again you enter this with the number keys, using '#' to delete, and '*' to confirm.

3. Activate the upload option within the game

To upload your highscores to choose the Upload option, the game will then attempt to connect to, if you haven't activated the web access option then you'll be asked whether you want access to be allowed, answer Yes.

The upload should complete within a minute or so, you'll see the Communicating with message during the upload.

Once the upload has completed successfully, you'll see this message (or a variation off it, depending on the game).

If the upload failed then you will see this message, the upload could fail for a number of reasons, there maybe a problem with our site, or perhaps your web access settings are incorrect.

4. View your scores online.

You can view your high scores from within your profile page on the site. You can also view the top ten scores for all games view the High Score link on the left menu, and you can view individual game high scores from each of the game pages.


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